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  • Somebody's Child: Stories About Adoption
    TouchWood Editions, September 2011
  • Curating a "repository of souls"
    University of Toronto Mississauga, December 2009
  • Recreating nature
    Simulating climate change at Western's new Biotron facility., March 2009
  • i2eye with Diane Nalini de Kerckhove
    A physicist celebrates the International Year of Astronomy through song., June 2009
  • Sane man
    Not only did Brian Harrod survive the Mad Men ad world of the 1960s, he went on to co-found the hottest Canadian creative shop of the 1980s and ’90s. Now he has left retirement to get back into the game.

    Applied Arts, March 2009
  • The art of climate change
    Faced with the stark realities of global warming, artists strive to inform and inspire their audiences.

    Checkerspot, November 2008
  • School of fishermen
    Ice fishing has come a long way since I was a kid hanging out in a shack with my grandfather. For one thing, the shacks are bigger. But the fish, that’s a different story.

    Canadian Geographic Travel, October 2008
  • Panic on Main Street?
    There shouldn't be. Simple defensive strategies can help retail investors protect their assets.

    Financial Post Magazine, September 2008
  • Nobody's Father: Life Without Kids
    Bruce's first book, a collection of stories by men who don't have kids, which he co-edited with Lynne Van Luven, hits bookshelves this fall.

    TouchWood Editions, September 2008
  • The path to a green portfolio
    A new class of investments poses a challenge: Can you save the world and save for retirement at the same time?

    Financial Post Business Magazine, February 2008
  • Good help is easy to find
    Do you need a financial planner? The answer is probably yes. Here's a primer on what they do and how they compare, with a look at the make-or-break criteria to consider when making your selection.

    Financial Post Business Magazine, November 2007
  • Guppy Graphic Design
    Applied Arts, September 2007
  • Oceans on Mars
    University of Toronto Magazine, September 2007
  • Crystal opening
    Canadian Geographic Travel, May 2007
  • Going places
    Taking a successful business beyond its home base means rethinking everything to suit the new market.

    Financial Post Business Magazine, April 2007
  • Last Neanderthals on Earth
    Professor Clive Finlayson found that Neanderthals survived thousands of years longer than previously believed – in Gorham’s Cave in Gibraltar.

    University of Toronto Magazine, December 2006
  • The Numbers Guy
    Fending off bulldozers while saving habitat, city councillor and environmental activist Allan Elgar has mastered a rare skill: protecting nature without spending a cent.

    ON Nature, November 2006
  • Making it
    Think your iPod is cool? Up-and-coming product designers like Margot Durling have news for you.

    Financial Post Business, October 2006
  • Changing times, changing stores
    Specialty bookstores are dealing with the mainstreaming of gay culture in different ways.

    Quill & Quire, July 2006
  • Fertile ground
    At schools with innovative programs, such as EcoSchools, that seed environmental awareness, students don't just learn about the environment, they save it.

    ON Nature, June 2006
  • Will The Weather Makers be a rainmaker?
    HarperCollins and other publishers grapple with how to position environmental titles.

    Quill & Quire, March 2006
  • Our evolving avian relationships
    A review of Graeme Gibson's The Bedside Book of Birds.

    Canadian Geographic, November 2005
  • Meet the lexicographers
    “Nerdy word games” keep the Canadian Oxford Dictionary team motivated.

    Quill & Quire, May 2005
  • Hopeless love
    Men in love: Ever wonder what love looks like through a man's heart? Five brave guys open their hearts to us.

    Chatelaine, October 2005
  • The last supper?
    Zealous -- perhaps overzealous -- health units are cracking down on everything from church dinners to bake sales. The loss of these fund-raisers could spell doom for rural congregations across the country.

    Saturday Night, December 2004
  • Different drummer
    Industry outsider knew almost nothing about being a record executive four years ago when he started, which is perhaps the secret behind how his online distribution company has come to challenge an industry raised on robbery, helping some of the country’s top indie bands assert their independence.

    This Magazine, November 2004
  • Invest in yourself
    This Magazine, September 2004
  • Small is beautiful
    Thomas Allen’s boutique publishing program is attracting more authors — and racking up more bestsellers.

    Quill & Quire, July 2004
  • After the Riel revolution
    Canadian history title brings new credibility to graphic novel form -- but agents and editors are still cautious.

    Quill & Quire, May 2004
  • Don't wait for the whistle
    It's easier to work privately with a potential whistle-blower than to clean up a public mess.

    National Post, April 2004
  • How much house can you afford?, March 2004
  • Abusers off the hook?
    Saturday Night, March 2004
  • The secret of his success
    Knowledgeable and plain spoken, Gordon Pape adapts to what his readers want.

    Quill & Quire, January 2004
  • Are you a nature freak?
    Knocking on doors and spreading the word with FON's canvassers.

    Seasons, September 2003
  • How to fix your credit rating
    National Post Business, February 2003
  • Sudden identity crisis
    Financial Post, October 2003
  • All the news that's fit to scan
    Financial Post, July 2003
  • Become financially fit
    50Plus, January 2003
  • Class action
    Two students, two reasons for leaving work and returning to school: one left due to marriage and relocation, the other because of an on-the-job accident.

    National Post Business, September 2002
  • Killer assignment
    For 15 years The Vancouver Sun's Kim Bolan has fought to expose the Air India bombers — now they want her dead.

    Ryerson Review of Journalism, May 2000
  • Future imperfect
    Canadian Business, June 1999
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