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Somebody's Child: Stories About Adoption

TouchWood Editions, September 2011

"The stories in Somebody's Child touch my heart more profoundly than I could have imagined....Like the pieces of the puzzle in the lives of adoptees seeking their identity, these essays fit together to form as complete an understanding as is ever possible." -- Betty Jane Hegerat, author of The Boy and Delivery


Stories of origin and creation govern how all cultures understand themselves. For the 25 contributors to Somebody's Child, the topic of adoption is not -- and perhaps never can be -- a neutral issue. With unique courage, each of them talks about his or her experience of the adoption process. Some speak of heartbreak; some have found modified "happy endings"; others have discovered joy. All have been changed by discovering vital facts of their own birth and origin.

Somebody's Child contains a wide array of true stories: a young man explores his love for his adopted sister; a woman comes to grips with the truth about her birth parents; a mother of two talks about meeting her "first son," the baby she gave up; and a lawyer tells about discovering her Nigerian family. Somebody's Child captures the many unforgettable faces and voices of adoption.

The third book in a family of anthologies about the 21st century family, Somebody's Child follows up on Nobody's Mother and Nobody's Father, two essay collections from childless adults on parenthood, family, and choices. Together, the three books challenge readers to redefine our traditional definitions of the concept of family.

Now available for pre-order at Indigo,, and great independent booksellers like Chat Noir Books.

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